The big and bold summary of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich by Mario Ishikawa

The big and bold Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich summary by Mario Ishikawa


Once you read Think and Grow Rich, it seems like any other book or media trying to teach you to achieve your success was actually based on this book. Napoleon Hill spent several years studying the most successful people from his time to come with this knowlege encompassed on this book.


The book is old but just as Dale Carnegie’s How to win friends and influence people, the lessons are timeless.


This is not going to be a review or a shot summary. It is a gigantic summary of a masterpiece that is not loaded with bullshit. So you won’t get this amount of information in a brief summary. Here I tried to list the essential of Think and Grow Rich.


Think and Grow Rich comes with “the secret” of a rich and purposeful life. The secret of the book is intended to be realized by the reader at any moment on the book.




I’m about to tell you the secret right now! And it is actually quite simple.

The secret of a purposeful life is… (last chance without spoiler)



To have a life purpose!


Having a life purpose actually does not come automatically when we are born. Few people have it clear, most people live their lives without any idea of their purposes. That is why this book comes with a formula for you to have a life purpose!


And to make it more clear to you I am going to show you an example. Let’s talk about two families. I could exagerate but instead I will try to keep it simple. One family is the 1% one the 1%, living in the Hamptons. The other is living under American line of poverty in Detroit. Both families welcome their first child in the same year. If properly tested, the rich family has a child with an average IQ while the poor family has a child beyond average. Which child do your think it is going to succeed as an adult, considering no angel investment from their family in their adult lives? The rich person might  grow up with no big ambitions and no spectacular academic results. The poor one will grow up with great low level school results but his ambition will be mostly set by his environment.

So, even though the rich person is not ambitious, she would grow with at least one life achieve paradigm: to keep her lifestyle, her status quo. The poor person on the other hand, would grow under the exact same conditions. Even if she is ambitious, she’d agree to have as a minimum the same financial level where she had grew up.


So with that I want to tell you that IQ is not determinant for success. Your expectations are. If you are not an ambitious person, that means you will settle for the standards you are living for.


Think and grow rich help you to create this strong inner desire called purpose, and the following pages are going to explain you how.




The book is based on principles:


  1. Desire
  2. Faith
  3. Autosuggestion
  4. Specialized knowledge
  5. Imagination
  6. Organized planning
  7. Decision
  8. Persistence
  9. Power of Master Mind
  10. Sex transmutation
  11. Subconscious mind
  12. Brain
  13. Sixth sense
  14. Six ghosts of fear

This is a work in progress. To be continued on this same URL…

Goodbye holidays

My elder boy.

Today my holidays are over. But not yours.

You are still enjoying your vacation.

This year you go to First grade. So many things are about to change and you will have so much to learn and explore.

Today I said goodbye to you, your little brother and your mother as I had to come back home.

You kindly told me to call you whenever I miss you. I will do that.

Then as I drove you ran through the patio to follow me and watch the car leaving the street.

As you watched me, I watched you on the rear-view mirror.

It reminded me that I used to do the same with my grandparents.

Time flies. It amazes me to see how you’ve grown. You are now a curious and vivid boy.

I am grateful to see you growing while also being part of it.

I love you and I will miss you these for these next two weeks.