Goodbye holidays

My elder boy.

Today my holidays are over. But not yours.

You are still enjoying your vacation.

This year you go to First grade. So many things are about to change and you will have so much to learn and explore.

Today I said goodbye to you, your little brother and your mother as I had to come back home.

You kindly told me to call you whenever I miss you. I will do that.

Then as I drove you ran through the patio to follow me and watch the car leaving the street.

As you watched me, I watched you on the rear-view mirror.

It reminded me that I used to do the same with my grandparents.

Time flies. It amazes me to see how you’ve grown. You are now a curious and vivid boy.

I am grateful to see you growing while also being part of it.

I love you and I will miss you these for these next two weeks.

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