Quick inspirations #1

Jim Rohn used to say:

If you don’t do anything by tomorrow to change your life, it is really easy to predict how your next 5 years will be. Just look at your past 5 years and you’ll see yout next 5 years.

Brilliant, but I’d change a bit.

If you don’t do anything by tomorrow to change your life, your next 5 years will be equal to your past 5 years minus your motivation loss.

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Jim Rohn is claimed to be the mentor of many big names from nowadays, including Tony Robbins. If you never heard about him, just look for one of his books. I’d recommend you starting with 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness: Power Ideas from America’s Foremost Business Philosopher. Don’t like “self help” books? OK, so I suggest a novel, Twelve Pillars, written by business man Chris Widener using Jim Rohn principles and also having Rohn as co-author.

Don’t like reading at all? Well, that is a big problem but at least you can start with an audio book such as The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library which is quite long but really comprehensive.

If you will read or listen to one of these is up to you, but if you are in doubt, you can start with a short video.

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